Truck Parking

Back in January, KDOT introduced a new system to inform drivers of the availability of Truck Parking at the Rest Areas along I-70. Yesterday, I finally got around to checking the new feature out.


Going west from Topeka, the first rest area is located in Wabaunsee County between Maple Hill and Paxico. Approaching the Rest Area is a variable-message sign indicating the number of Parking spaces available for trucks at the next three rest areas. The next two rest areas are near Junction City in Geary County, and near Solomon in northeast Saline County.

At the Maple Hill rest area is a historical marker erected by the Kansas State Historical Society. In this case, each side of the marker tells a different story related to the area around the rest area.

In order to determine whether there are open spaces, there’s got to be a way to look in to the Parking lot, right? Here’s the video monitoring system. I would presume that the system is automated – it would get kinda boring for someone to stare at video of a parking lot all day.

Administrative note

For several years (and at least three hosting providers) I’ve had a WordPress based blog on this site. Although WordPress is primarily known as a blogging platform, it’s also designed to be complete website back-end.

Although I’m more than familiar with most of the intricacies of HTML, having maintained a personal website for over 20 years (!), not to mention a BS in Computer Science, I figure using an off-the-shelf back end would be a good idea.

The first order of business: move the WordPress front-end to the front-page. That has now been completed. Eventually, I’ll move some of my static pages into the WordPress backend, starting with the Pioneer Radio History and Fan Fiction Stories. This might take a while, as I’m working on other things at the moment, notably the Lawrence Train Show.

Labor Day weekend on the Marcelline Sub

Usually, Labor Day weekend means that I’m out doing something train related. I decided this year to head out to Camden, Missouri on the Marcelline Sub.

I arrived a little before 10:00 and found that I wasn’t alone – there was another car, and two railfans wearing day-glo orange vests already there waiting on the (late, as is the norm) Amtrak 4. It didn’t take long for the action to kick up.

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GOP Primary 2018

As I usually do, I share my election picks after my ballot is in the collection box.

Kansas Governor: Without question, I chose incumbent governor Jeff Colyer. There was no way in hell I was going to let current Secretary of State Kris Kobach anywhere near Cedar Crest if I had anything to say about it. If Kobach makes it to general, I will vote for the Democrat – whomever he or she may be. Continue reading GOP Primary 2018