The Find

USS Baldwin - Story 1
Runabout: T. Slanitz; Tree Trunk texture: Jonas De Ro

Personal log, Stardate 50924.4: I have arrived at my parents home extremely close to the Cardassian Border. Although my parents never fought against the Cardassian occupation, many abandoned the planet. Unfortunately, the Cardassians' new alliance with the Dominion has resulted in their untimely demise. I have made plans to evacuate my family's belongings. Because of the high threat in the area, Starfleet has provided Ensign Sonya Fiehrer just in case the Jem'Hadar came calling.

"There it is," Patrick said. "Let's get everything and get out of here. This isn't a happy homecoming."

"I understand, sir." Sonya replied as the pair approached the house.

The house was still standing after numerous attacks by the Jem'Hadar, but both knew that might not be the case for long as they entered the door. "I'll locate what I want to get out of here, you determine the coordinates," Patrick told Sonya.

"Aye, Commander," Sonya replied.

Intrepid: Ed Giddings

Second officer's log, Supplemental: Intrepid is in patrol of the Cardassian border on the lookout for Jem'Hadar ships. We've heard about Commander Ingrum's mission to recover his family's heirlooms, and are keeping an eye on him.

"Sir," the slightly older ensign said to the young Jenna Carson, "I have a report saying that Hastings has been destroyed."

Oh, great, Jenna thought. Although she didn't always get along with Patrick, she had the utmost respect for him, and was sorry to hear that the ship he served on was destroyed. "Keep your eyes on our home-salvagers."

"Aye, sir," the ensign replied.

"That should do it," Patrick said as he beamed the last of the items he wanted to remove onto the runabout.

"What is it?" Sonya asked.

"It's an late 20th century afghan. The cat portrayed here, Chessie, was a famous icon of the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad."

"All right," Sonya replied as she powered up the runabout engines. "Commander, I think you should take a look at this. It looks as if a runabout was downed."

Patrick viewed the monitor, "Let's get a visual. Take us to that location."

"Yes, sir."

The view of the wreckage was enough to send messages of gloom to anyone's heart. "Sonya, scan for survivors, if there are any, beam them up, and get us out of here."

"Reading two survivors. Transporting."

Patrick watched as the two survivors beamed up huddled together. Patrick's heart melted at the sight of two lovers together. "I'm sorry to interrupt your togetherness, but this isn't exactly the best place to have a date."

Runabout: T. Slanitz

"I have to agree, commander," The young man said, "I'm Lieutenant Bernie Tyler, USS Tian An Men, Roslyn and I were returning from shore leave when we were forced to dodge the Dominion and Cardassians. Unfortunately, our runabout came in the line of fire and we went down."

"Unfortunately, the Tian An Men has been lost, but I'll be sure to get the two of you out of here. I'm Commander Patrick Ingrum, welcome aboard the Neosho."

"Commander," Sonya said, "I'm reading unusual readings ahead, maybe a cloaked ship."

"Continue scanning, and open hailing frequencies just in case."

"Something's going on. Looks like a she's decloaking."

Runabout: T. Slanitz; Baldwin: H. Gibbens

The group aboard the runabout watched in awe as a Federation starship decloaked in front of their eyes. "The registry reads USS Baldwin, NCC-2013," Roslyn noted.

"Sonya," Patrick said, "take us into the shuttle bay. I want to investigate this."

"Yes, Sir," Sonya proudly replied.

As the runabout approached the ship, Patrick connected the computer systems together. "Looks like we got an atmosphere in most of the ship, but the Bridge systems have been compromised. I say we set up shop in engineering." As soon as they boarded the ship, the crew headed directly to engineering. Although the ship had been hidden, the elderly systems were more or less intact. "It appears that everything was left in place," Patrick continued, "but that the main power generators need a jump start. Sonya, transfer power from Neosho" The main generator came on line immediately with no issues; however, when Patrick checked the sensors, he saw trouble coming. "We've got bandits coming in. Red alert, battle stations," he replied.

"Phasers ready and torpedoes are armed," Bernie replied.

"Helm standing by," Sonya said.

Baldwin: H. Gibbens; Warbugs: Jörg Gerlach

"Here they come," Roslyn said. The ship rocked with the hit of the Dominion ships. "Direct hit. Shields have no effect," Bernie replied.

"Return fire."

Bernie mustered every ounce of power he had onto the Dominion ships. Even he was surprised at the result, "Direct hit. Major damage to the enemy ships."

Baldwin: H. Gibbens; Warbugs: Jörg Gerlach

"Then let's get out of here while we have the opportunity. Set a course for Deep Space Nine, Warp 5."

"Ready, sir," Sonya replied.


Acting Captain's log, Stardate 50925.2: I have been studying the history of this ship and found it to be quite interesting.

"Apparently, the Baldwin was equipped for use in less-than-friendly territory. A secret agreement between Starfleet Intelligence and the Romulan TalShiar allowed her to be equipped with a cloaking device."

"Similar to the one aboard the Defiant," Admiral Ross noted.

"The agreement allowed Starfleet Intelligence to adapt it to its own uses, and required open sharing of cloaking technology."

"Making it impossible to ban us from having them. Patrick, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that the Hastings has been destroyed."

"I'm sorry to hear that. How many ships do we have left now," Patrick joked.

"The good news is that I'm making the Baldwin your ship. Your current orders are simple: get the ship to D.S. Nine for a new bridge module, then proceed to Starbase 212 for a more thorough refit. Might I also make a recommendation for first officer?"

"I'm all ears," Patrick replied.

Admiral Ross continued, "There's a young lady aboard the Intrepid that I think would make one hell of a first officer for you. Her name's Jenna Carson."

"I know her," Patrick replied.

"Then you know why I recommend her," the Admiral said.

					DS9: Dave Chernow; Baldwin: H. Gibbens; Intrepid: Ed Giddings

Captain Benjamin Sisko of station Deep Space Nine anxiously greeted the new captain as Patrick entered the airlock, "Welcome to D.S. Nine, captain, and congratulations on your promotion."

"Thank you," Patrick replied, "Do you know where Lieutenant Carson is, by any chance?"

"You could try Quark's, up on the promenade," Sisko replied.

"Thank you," Patrick said as he hurried toward the promenade.

Sonya came into Quark's bar to get a drink when she noticed a young lady she hadn't seen in a while. "Sonya!" Jenna exclaimed, waving her over to her table.

"Hey," Sonya replied as she sat down, "what have you been up to."

"Not much," Jenna replied.

"Not much?" Patrick interrupted as he approached the table. "Second officer of the Intrepid, high commendations by Captain Saavik, and a personal recommendation by a three star for a promotion, and you call that not much?"

"And I suppose that being one of the youngest captains in Starfleet isn't much for you either, sir," Jenna replied.

"No, Jen, I suppose not. But I didn't come up to see you to argue about the direction our careers have gone."

"I've heard why you came to see me," Jenna replied, "and even though we haven't gotten along all the time, I would still be honored to be your first officer."

"Then that leaves me no choice," Patrick said with a big grin, "I hear by promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations, number one. Do you mind?"

"Go right ahead," Jenna replied, motioning toward an open seat at her table.

As Patrick sat down, Quark, the Ferengi bartender, arrived, "Could I interest the three of you in anything?"

"I'd like a root beer please, Quark," Jenna replied.

"Two," Sonya followed.

"Three, and I'm buying," Patrick finished.

"Three root beers, coming right up," Quark Answered, "And place it on the new captain's tab."

				DS9: Dave Chernow; Baldwin: H. Gibbens; Enterprise-E: Ed Giddings

Begin Captain's log, Patrick Ingrum, USS Baldwin; Stardate 50932.2: The Intrepid has been sent out to an assignment in system 39J. Meanwhile, the Enterprise has arrived with our new bridge module and crew members.

Lieutenant Karen Merrill has spent the past month helping rebuild the Enterprise. Her speciality in ship design and especially her experience with the new Sovereign class made her valuable in the rebuilding. Now, she has learned that she has been transferred to the Baldwin as chief engineer. Although she had met her new captain before, she was still nervous about this new assignment. As she stood on the transport pad, ready for her transfer, Captain Picard walked in. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to me Captain Ingrum myself."

"No problem by me, sir," Karen replied as another young lady walked in. "Kay, what are you doing here."

"I've been assigned to the Baldwin as well," replied the blue shirted Kay.

As Kay stepped onto the transporter pad, Captain Picard ordered, "Energize,"

At the other end, in the Baldwin's transporter room, Patrick waited as Captain Picard and his two new crew members beamed aboard. "Welcome aboard my ship, Captain Picard," Patrick said to his fellow captain.

"Thank you, and congratulations are in order for one of Starfleet's newest and youngest captains," Picard replied.

Patrick turned his attention to Kay, "Welcome aboard, Doctor, now that you finally got your M.D."

"And I never thought I'd be serving you on my first assignment," Kay replied.

"You never know," Patrick concluded, turning his attention to the engineer, "Karen Merrill, right."

"That's right sir," Karen replied as the group left the transporter room.

"I know engineering was not your specialty in the academy, but I think your expertise on starship design, and the experience you gained aboard Enterprise makes you well-suited to the job at hand," Patrick said, entering a turbolift, "Engineering."

In engineering, Data and Geordi LaForge were working on installing an updated cloaking device when Patrick and his crew walked in. "She's almost ready, Captain," Geordi said to Patrick.

"What is it?" Karen asked.

"It's a prototype phase-cloak device," Patrick replied. "The situation with the emergence of Baldwin caused the Romulans to re-negotiate with Starfleet. Basically, it was determined that the section of the Treaty of Algeron dealing with cloaking devices should be retroactively disallowed. Since Starfleet had yet to destroy this device, discovered by the Enterprise-D three years ago, we've decided to run further tests." Patrick couldn't keep the inside humor any longer and forced a giggle, "They had to compensate Admiral Pressman for his troubles."

Captain Sisko walked into the room, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have new orders for the Baldwin. We have detected a unidentifiable ship adrift about 5 light-years away. Since you're heading that direction, Starfleet has requested that you investigate."

"Understood, Captain."

Interior: Jimmy O'Brien

Another girl walked in. "The Bridge is ready when you are, captain, if you will come with me," she said to Patrick, smiling.

"Thank you, Jaimie," Patrick replied as he followed her up to the bridge.

No sooner than Patrick arrived at the bridge then Jenna had a report, "Our friends have departed, and D.S. Nine is clearing us for departure."

"Seal the Airlock, and release docking clamps."

"Docking Clamps Released," Sonya replied.

Patrick sat down at the vacant helm position, "Setting course for the unidentified ship, warp five. Engage cloak on my mark."

"Cloaking device ready, sir." Jaimie replied.


Patrick calmly sat in the captain's chair, almost bored out. "Karen," he said in the intercom, "how's it going down there."

"For being grossly under staffed, I'd say we're on the right track. You can safely proceed to warp six."

"Sonya," Patrick replied, "you heard the lady,"

"Aye, sir, warp six," Sonya replied as she switched her panel from her operations duties to adjusting the helm.

Captain's log, Stardate Stardate 50935.8: We've discovered that the unidentified ship was an old DY-200 class ship that disappeared in the very early 21st century. I am leading a away team to investigate.

"Are you sure I can't convince you to stay here. You are the captain, after all," Jenna said to Patrick.

"Jen, trust me on this one. I am the only one aboard this ship that even remotely knows anything about 20th century Ear— "

"I thought we agreed on 21st Century."

"2004 is a little to early to find info on the 21st century. Most of the stuff is probably from the 1990's."

"All right, but come back safely. I'm not that eager to fill your shoes."

"I will number one." In addition to the captain, Bernie and Roslyn were picked for this assignment, mainly because they were the only ones Patrick could find, "Energize when ready, Jenna," Patrick said as he stepped on the transporter pad.

As soon as the away team beamed over to the old ship, Patrick noticed something wrong, "That's strange, this ship was designed to hold a crew in stasis. It looks like someone has modified the ship."

"Captain," Roslyn said, "what are these?"

"Looks like optical disks," Patrick replied, "They were a means of storage of audio and data."

"And this," Bernie said.

"Microfilm and microfiche," Patrick replied, "They contain copies of paper documents."

"It's like a floating time capsule," Bernie commented.

"Yeah, but why one of their most advanced ships of the time," Roslyn added.

"You have me there," Patrick Replied, "Ingrum to Engineering,"

"What is it, captain," Karen replied.

"Is it possible to tractor this ship at warp,"

"We could, but it'll be slow going. I can get you to warp 5 without losing her."

"Then prepare for it as soon as we get off this ship. Ingrum to transporter room, three to beam out."

				Baldwin: H. Gibbens; DY class: Andrew Hodges; Starbase 211: Paul van Garderen

Captain's log, Stardate 50938.4: We have arrived at Starbase 211 for further refits, rest, and new crew members.

The threat of war was the only thing on his mind as he exited the turbolift toward engineering, "Karen, how long is it going to be until the shields can withstand a Jem'Hadar attack." In Starfleet's first encounter with the Jem'Hadar, they were able to penetrate the shields of a capital ship and eventually destroy it with ease. Now, the shields have been reconfigured to defend against the Jem'Hadar 'warbugs;' however, despite being in relatively good condition for being lost for over 60 years, the new shield configuration was vastly different.

"It may be a while captain."

"How long?"

"I'm pulling for the end of the week. We've got a lot of work ahead of us."

"Make that your main priority. I've heard scuttlebutt that we may be going to war with the Dominion soon."

"Understood," Karen answered

Her jet-black hair flowing in the wind, Roslyn picked the perfect place in the grove along the pond to lay her blanket down. She wanted some simple time without worrying about the oncoming storm. She was looking for some time with her mate, and he was apparently running behind.

"Hey," Bernie said from behind.

"Where have you been," Roslyn replied.

"I just got here," he answered, reaching around his girlfriend's waist and slowly reaching for a kiss. "I had to stay a couple of extra minutes. You of all people could appreciate that."

"I know," Roslyn replied. "I just didn't want our little picnic lunch to get spoiled."

"Assuming that came out of the replicator, I find it hard to believe that it would be so easy to spoil," Bernie stated as he looked into her blue eyes. "We've pretty much got a week in port. After that, who knows what's going to happen next."

Jenna entered the office with another young lady, "Captain, this is Lieutenant Reinette Hernandez, the young lady you picked for second officer."

"Welcome, Reinette," Patrick said, quickly turning to the matter at hand, "Five days ago, I received a message from Admiral Ross. Once we leave space dock, we are to join a Federation-Klingon task force to attack a strategic Dominion shipyard on Torros III. This is very important, I want to make sure this ship is at maximum state of readiness. This is an old ship with a young crew, but I think she can be a bright gem in this dark hour of war."

"We should be ready to leave tomorrow," Reinette noted.

"I have to agree with her," Jenna replied, "but I'm not sure about the crew. They have never been in battle, and like they say 'war is hell.'"

"I understand, Jenna, but I don't have much say in the matter. We can only hope for the best."

Captain's log, Stardate 50954.4: Baldwin is ready to leave space dock, but I don't know how the crew will react to an actual combat situation. Unfortunately, there is only one way to find out.

"Kim, are you ready to take her out," Patrick said to the new helm officer.

"Yes sir," Kim replied.

"Space dock has cleared us for departure," Sonya said.

"That's our cue, Miss Baker. Aft Thrusters to one-quarter,"

"One-quarter, aye captain," Kim replied.

Baldwin: H. Gibbens; Starbase 211: Paul van Garderen

As the Baldwin slowly exited the space dock of Starbase 211, Patrick pondered the task at hand. "Kim, set course bearing 211 mark 36, warp four," he finished as the ship cleared the door.

The crew talked about the mission at hand, previous missions, and old times at the academy. Patrick thought it was a good idea, that morale is needed more than ever at a time like this as he turned to Jenna, "How are you?"

"A little uneasy."

"So is everyone else, don't worry about it — yet."

The crew on the bridge were amazed by how many starships were devoted to this strike force. The Galaxy, the Venture, and the Lakota were here, along with many others, "There's more ships here than at Wolf 359," Sonya remarked, referring to the massacre by the Borg nearly seven years ago.

"Incoming message from Admiral Ross, captain," Jaimie said.

"Let's see it," Patrick replied.

Admiral Ross's face greeted the monitor. "You're late," he said, "We expected you two hours ago,"

"Sorry, we're still not at 100% yet, the reconfiguration of the shields took longer than expected," Patrick answered before adding a little joke of his own. "I did not want to be cannon fodder on my first mission."

Without missing a beat, the Admiral simply continued with his instructions. "Turn hard to starboard and hold your position. Current reports from General Martok indicate that the Dominion fleet has not yet reached the border"

"Aye, sir," Patrick answered.

Hours passed as the crew of the Baldwin waited, The silence broke as Jaimie delivered the message, "Captain, incoming message from Admiral Ross, It's time."

"Kim, you know what to do."

"Aye, sir."

Captain's log, Stardate 50961.8: Our task force has entered Cardassian space in a attempt to weaken the Dominion's grip on the Alpha Quadrant.

"How is it going up there," Patrick said to the lady at tactical, trying to break the silence.

"Just fine, sir," she replied.

"Captain, we have entered the Torros system," Roslyn said.

"Take us out of warp," Patrick replied, "Red Alert, all hands to battle stations."

"All ships," Admiral Ross said over the subspace radio, "We're not seeing any ships, so go directly for the defense systems."

"Target the ground defense systems,"

"I've got one," the tactical officer replied.

"Fire Phasers,"

Baldwin: H. Gibbens

"Target neutralized."

"Captain, I'm detecting a Dominion ship approaching," Bernie said

"Ross to Baldwin, could you take care of that."

"Aye, sir," Patrick replied.

"Setting course for enemy ship," Roslyn immediately replied.

"Sir, the ship is heading straight for us," Bernie noted.

Before Patrick could react, two Jem'Hadar solders beamed onto the bridge, "Nobody move," one of them said as the other reached for Roslyn.

"No," Bernie said as he tried to reach his girlfriend, but to no avail. The soldier aimed his weapon at him and the unarmed Bernie did not try to resist as the solders beamed off with their capture in hand.

"Bernie, keep track of that ship, and get me Admiral Ross in my office."

Admiral Ross's image appeared in Patrick's holo-communicator, "What happened?"

"The Dominion's target was one of my crew members, Roslyn. They beamed in, took her, and beamed out. Kidnapping seems a bit out of place with the Dominion."

"I was afraid of that," he replied. "There is something you should know about her. Meet me aboard the Galaxy in one hour for a debriefing."

"Admiral, I'd like to bring someone along with me," Patrick answered. Since Bernie and Roslyn were close, he thought that having Bernie would bring additional insight on Roslyn.

"Lieutenant Tyler is also welcome to join this meeting. What I have to say isn't classified, but out of respect for Roslyn's privacy, isn't widely disseminated."

Baldwin: H. Gibbens; Galaxy: Chris Setterington

Captain's log, Stardate 50963.7: The Dominion's actions have broken a couple apart. Based on what Starfleet has learned about the Dominion, kidnapping is not their normal modus operandi, which makes me curious as to why the Jem'Hadar specifically came for one person.

Patrick and Bernie entered Admiral Ross's office with only one question on their minds. "What is so important about Roslyn that the Dominion is willing to take her alive?"

Admiral Ross went right to the point, "To put it mildly, Roslyn is an Augment. She told Starfleet Intelligence that her DNA was coded 'from scratch' by Dr Alan Murrow. Murrow defected nearly thirty years ago to the Cardassians. Roslyn was part of a attempt to create a group of humans for the purpose of infiltration."

"I thought Augments were not allowed in Starfleet," Bernie replied.

"There have been exceptions," Patrick noted, "Obviously, Roslyn decided for herself she didn't want to be a spy." Patrick commented.

"Starfleet Intelligence questioned her very throughly," Admiral Ross replied. "They determined she was not a threat, and the head of the team that wrote the report on Roslyn actually encouraged her to attend Starfleet Academy and sponsored her."

"She never mentioned this to me, and I was her closest confidant on the Tien An Men," Bernie added, "I think she really wanted to be somebody, and not just be known for her superior abilities and, to be honest, knowing this doesn't change the way I feel about her. She is still the most amazing woman I have ever met."

"I'd say," Patrick commented, "this might be the part where that cloak might come in handy."

Flanked by two Jem'Hadar solders, Roslyn was forced into the center of the village. "What is this all about?"

A man in a blue shirt appeared, and Roslyn knew who he was, "Shouldn't it be obvious to you, number six?"

"I am not a number, I am my own person," Roslyn replied, "and my name is Roslyn."

"Ah, so I've heard," Dr. Murrow replied, "'beautiful rose,' the name definitely fits you."

"Thank you,"

Created by Richie Kennedy with Poser 5 and Blender

"Anyway, young lady, I can't have you around collaborating with my enemies. Either you will work for me, or I will make sure that you never leave."

"That shouldn't be a hard choice," Roslyn replied.

"I thought you would say that. Take her away"

Patrick and Bernie entered the bridge of the Baldwin, determined to get Roslyn back, "Sonya," Patrick asked, "did you track the Dominion ship?"

"Yes, sir," Sonya replied. "It stopped in orbit around Torros II when the fleet headed back to Federation space."


"Setting course for the Torros system."

"Jaimie, prepare to engage the cloak."

"Aye, sir."

"Kim, if you can mind the bridge for a few minutes, I'll debrief you separately. Let me know if you see any warbugs. The rest of you, please join me in the conference room."

As soon as the bridge crew was assembled in the conference lounge, Bernie went straight to the point. "Roslyn's 'father,' for lack of a better term, is an agent for the Cardassians." Bernie started as he debriefed the staff on what he had learned about his girlfriend.

"We have to assume that the Doctor can create more like that," Patrick continued, snapping his finger.

"What does that mean for the Federation?" Reinette asked.

"The Dominion does not have to rely on the Founders to infiltrate Starfleet. They can simply send these agents in," Patrick replied.

"Our mission," Bernie finished, "is to seize him at all costs, and get Roslyn back if we can."

"What if Dr. Murrow has already created more of his ladies?"

"It's very likely that Roslyn isn't the only one," Patrick replied, "In any case, they could be a possible enemy, or a possible ally."

Created by Richie Kennedy with Poser 5 and Blender

Roslyn sat in her cell when a young lady approached her cell. She was identical to Roslyn in almost every aspect, "Seven," Roslyn called to her.

"It's me, Roz. Listen to me, escape is going to be unlikely. From what I hear, you're going to be target practice for the Jem'Hadar until they finally kill you. Of course, they've never gone up against someone as feisty as you. I'm hoping you can clean their clocks, and if there's anything I can do to give you an advantage, I will take it."

"Thanks, sis," Roslyn replied.

Hood: Eric Peterson

Captain's log, Stardate 50963.8: The Hood has been assigned to patrol the Cardassian border, but we have run into problems of our own. Our systems are intermittent and help is a way off

Captain Robert DeSoto had served the last 15 years as captain of the Hood, but he has never been in such a tight situation. "Do you have any advice, Number One."

"Sorry, captain," the first officer replied.

The second officer stepped in, "Ensign, what was the last report on the Baldwin,"

"According to their flight plan, they should be near Torros II about now," The ensign said as his console beeped, "Enemy ships approaching."

"Red Alert, all hands to battle stations," he turned to the second officer, "Any advice on this one, Kelly."

"Run," she replied.

"Send a distress signal," the first officer stepped in.

"Agreed, helm, get us out of here."

"Aye, sir."

"Ready photon torpedoes," Kelly said, "I don't want to take any chances."

"Sir," Jaimie said to the captain, "there's an incoming distress call from the Hood,"

"Is there anyone closer," Patrick replied.

"No, sir."

"That makes things that more complicated. Jenna, as soon as I'm off the ship, respond to that distress call."

"Understood, sir."

"Bernie, meet me in transporter room two."

Patrick met Bernie in the transporter room, "Are you ready."

"No, but do I have a choice," Bernie joked.

Patrick smiled as they stepped onto the tranporter pad, "Miss Elias, have you found them."

"Yes, sir. There's a village just inside the northern hemisphere."

"Energize when ready, Kristy."

"They're down there, Commander," Kristy communicated to Jenna.

"Thanks. Kim, set course for the Hood, maximum warp."

"Aye," Kim replied.


"So, you have someone out there," number seven said.

"That's right," Roslyn replied from her cell, "And I'm almost sure he will try to come for me. If he doesn't — I suppose my commanding officer wouldn't want to lose anyone on his first mission."

"I don't know about that," the unnamed twin replied, "But if they do, I'll do what I can to help them."

"Thanks, sis."

"Don't mention it. Also, you did a great job against that Jem'Hadar solider. You make all of us —"

Created by Richie Kennedy with Poser 5 and Blender

Before she could finish, a siren blared. "Number seven to the town center," Dr. Murrow's voice boomed.

"Gotta go," number seven said to her sister.

"Well, well, well," the doctor said to his unexpected company. "Trying to spring the girl," he coolly said with a phaser aimed at him.

"We were planning on ransacking the place, but we would settle for taking her."

"Such a bold statement for an young starship captain. I'm afraid that you are outnumbered," he said as a dozen Jem'Hadar solders surrounded Patrick.

As Patrick surrendered his phaser, he through in a barb of his own, "You may have me outnumbered, Dr. Murrow, but I'm still not spooked."

The Baldwin arrived to find a ship half-adrift in territory of an enemy not know for asking questions. "Bridge to transporter room," Jenna communicated.

"Elias here,"

"Kristy, work on transporting a repair team."

"Aye, sir."

"Open a channel,"


"Hood, Baldwin is standing by with a repair team. I'll assume that you'd like to concentrate on getting main power on line,

Patrick and Bernie saw number seven as she approached the center of town, "Is that Roslyn?" Patrick asked.

"I don't think so," Bernie replied, "She looks like her, though."

"Number Seven, take these prisoners away," Dr. Murrow instructed.

Number Seven, appearing to follow the doctor's instructions, approached Patrick and Bernie. "Follow me," she told them. Before taking another step, she approached the Jem'Hadar solider with the phaser and kicked him in the chest, forcing the phaser out of his hand. "Heads up," she said to Bernie.

Bernie promptly made the flying catch of the phaser. Noticing Dr. Murrow trying to escape, he fired the phaser at him. He was stunned, he'll recover eventually, but there were others to take care off.

Number Seven demonstrated her lethal strength as she grabbed a solider by the head and twisted it sharply to the right. Admiral Ross was right, Patrick thought as he grabbed the other phaser and pointed it at another solider.

As the last of the Jem'Hadar soldiers went down, Number Seven nodded toward the away team, "You must be Captain Ingrum and Lieutenant Tyler. Follow me, please."

"Where are you taking us?" Bernie replied.

"Roslyn is being held in a holding cell," Number Seven replied. "I was chatting with her when you beamed down."

Baldwin: H. Gibbens, Hood: Eric Peterson

"Captain DeSoto, welcome aboard the Baldwin," Jenna said as the Captain from the Hood entered the bridge.

"Thank you, commander," he said. "We should be ready in a few hours, can you stay nearby in case we need you."

"Count on it," Jenna replied. "Kim, take us back to Torros II, maximum warp," she instructed.

"Aye, sir."

Kay pulled out the dermal regenerator as she pointed toward the cut on Kelly's head, "So what happened?" she asked.

"We were half down and attempting to escape when a Dominion warship fired on us. We manage to get a volley of photons out and take them out, but lost a lot of good people."

Jaimie walked in, "Kelly, how are you doing?"

"Just fine, Jaimie," she replied.

"Your sister will be just fine, Jaimie, just a few scratches here and there," Kay commented.

Among the bodies of dead Jem'Hadar solders, Patrick, Bernie, Roslyn, and Number Seven kept an eye on their prisoner. "I'd say we definitely have an ally here," Patrick commented to Bernie. "You're free to join us if you'd like ..." he continued to their new friend before realizing that he didn't know her name.

"I've always been known as 'number seven'," she replied.

"I used to be 'number six,'" Roslyn continued, "we were created at the same time."

"In that case, I think it's high time you picked a proper name for yourself," Patrick said as he handed her a PADD. "The computers here have a list of female names and their meanings."

Number Seven looked over the PADD for a few minutes, then said, "How about Bridget."

"That sounds like a beautiful name, for a strong girl like you," Patrick replied as his communicator beeped.

"What was that?" Bridget asked.

"My communicator," Patrick replied as he tapped his combadge, "Just in time, number one."

"What's your status," Jenna replied.

"The Jem'Hadar have been contained, Dr. Murrow is ours, and we have a new ally. We have five to beam up."

Baldwin: H. Gibbens, Hood: Eric Peterson

Captain's log, Stardate 50966.3: The missions in the Torros system were a success, but the war is only beginning. We have lost Deep Space Nine — er, Terok Nor — but have made big gains by mining the wormhole, and taking out the spacedocks. More importantly, I believe, two sets of sisters are reunited to enjoy some time together.

"And this is one of your favorite holodeck programs?" Bridget asked her twin.

"That's right," Roslyn replied.

"I can see why," Bridget responded as she wiggled her toes into the grass. Being stuck in one village for 25 years made her excited about the ship she was now on, "So, what will happen to me?"

"Maybe I can answer that question," Patrick responded, strolling through the grove toward the twins. "I just got off the line with Admiral Ross. He agrees that you would be an great asset to Starfleet, just as Roslyn is. What happens next is up to you." Bridget's green eyes told Patrick all he needed to know, "That's what I thought," he replied as he had a seat in the fresh grass. "Welcome aboard the USS Baldwin."

Kelly leaned back in the right hand seat on the bridge, her bright eyes set onto her sister. Jaimie sheepishly smiled back as she calmly manned the tactical station. The Baldwin was out of the fighting — for now — and everyone could enjoy the moment.

"Hi, guys," Patrick said. "How are you doing,"

"Just fine, captain," Kelly said. "And Captain DeSoto is sorry for having you tow us in. We concentrated on our weapons, the warp drive is still off line."

"That's all right," Patrick replied as he headed for his ready room.

"Computer," he said, "Connect to Earth, North America, Lawrence, Kansas."

"Hello," said the young lady at the other end.

"Hi, Anna, how are you."

"I'm just fine," she replied. "I heard you got a ship now, congratulations."

"Thanks, sis. How are things on Earth."

"About as well as you would expect. Everyone is worried about the Dominion, now that we are officially under War."

"I can understand that,"

"So," Anna said, "What happened with the attack on Torros III,"

"Well," Patrick replied, "We did not have any ships blow up on us, and we knocked out their spacedocks; however, we were forced to give up D.S. Nine.

"Good News-Bad News."