Trip around the Sun…

I maintain a list of birthdays an Anniversaries, and this week, a couple of my “inner circle” friends had birthdays.

Last Saturday (9/25) was the first Birthday of Rylie Carson. I’ve known her mom, Allison, since about 1993, and have tried to keep in touch with her family since about ’96. Allison was a big supporter of my picture-taking efforts and my use of a website to showcase them. Needless to say, that courtesy has extended into the next generation.

Today (10/1) was the birthday of Debbie Slack. I first met Deb in the Fall of 1998 at a rain soaked football game as a Sophomore, although most of the pics I have of her are from her Senior year. Her mom happened to be the Spirit Squad coach for Free State at the time as well, so I had plenty of opportunities to keep in touch with them. Her older sister was also a co-worker of mine for a while before she decided to change careers.

In any case, I spent my lunch hour getting a card and a gift for each of them, not that that was an imposition of anything 🙂


Debate Results

I must confess, I did not watch the presidential debate last night.

However, I saw Fark link to conflicting opinions as to whether Bush or Kerry won the first debate — and Fark posted both under “Obvious”.

Somehow, I just think that this reflects the polarized nature of this year’s elections. Those that suppoted Bush before still support him now, those that supported Kerry before the debate will still support Kerry, and the “undecided” vote is probably not much of a factor now. Personally, I don’t feel like I need to pay that much attention, as I am very likely to give my vote to the standing president.

I still think they need to do a bat’leth fight instead of a debate. First one to bleed loses.

highways local politics

SLT Musings

The local paper has done a story about the status of the South Lawrence Trafficway highway project — which, as the local highway guru, I have a perticular interest, and have been observing since about 1990.

As it stands, the earliest the SLT could be completed is 2012, based upon the idea the legislature would start up a new transportaion plan upon the expiration of the current one in 2009, and that threatand litigation were judged in KDOT’s favor. The current proposal calls for the SLT — and a proposed relocation of local 31st Street — to be built across a common ROW within the northern part of the Baker Wetlands. Needless to say, many in the environmental community are not going along with it.

The thesis of the EIS approving the proposed 32nd Street routing is that the short-term mitigatable environmental impacts of the 32nd Street route outweigh the long-term impacts to the wetlands due to the concequences of the proposed 42nd Street alignment south of the Wakarusa River that the environmentalists are preferring. I accept and agree with this thesis.

As for funding: despite the anti-tax feelings currently occuring in the statehouse, I think that another transportation plan will be in the works. I know of at least one other major project that has had no money allocated to it all all — the interchange between I-235 and US 54 (Kellogg Ave.) is substandard and due for a major upgrade; however, the price tag is preety heafty — a railroad line and the “Big Ditch” complacate matters.


Klingons for Kerry

Saw this article on the Drudge Report a while back. A group of Oregon residents dressed up like Klingons for the release of a Star Trek DVD at a local record store. These Klingons state they support Kerry because “A good war is based on honor, not deception… The first warrior, President Bush, deceived us all with this war.”

Opinion on whether going to Iraq is justified or not aside, perhaps these Klingon should pick up the Deep Space Nine Fourth Season DVD. In the two-hour opener, Way of the Warrior, the Klingon leader, Chancellor Gowron, decided to pursure a war based on questionable intellegence. Not only did this allianated our heros, Gowron winds up attacking our heros as well.

In any case, this country has become so polarized that perhaps the best way to pick the next leader of the free world would be to have Bush and Kerry duel it out in a Bat’leth fight


More on the football fiasco

The fisco regarding the White City-St. Marys academy football game, where St. Marys refused to play with a female player suited up, has apparantly made the news wires, as well as managing to get my mug in the local Rag. (Story and Afformentioned ugly mug from the Journal-World)

In addition, the Kansas State High School Activities Association has acknowledged the game as a 2-0 forefit in favor of White City. Since St. Marys is not a KSHSAA member, the only furthur action that could be taken would be to have St. Marys dropped from the KSHSAA approved school list, which may be considered next summer.


Girls can’t play football?

A story out of Channel 13 in Topeka deals with the 8-man… excuse me, 8-player football team of White City High School. Their opponent this week, St. Marys Academy, refused to play a team with a female player. As of now, their planned Friday night showdown has been cancelled.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with a female football player and, apparantly, neither does White City. I’m sure that, as a small school, White City would be willing to allow any student that is willing to play on the team. St. Marys academy, on the other hand, gets made to look like the villian.

If it were up to me, I would consider this a forefit, and award a “W” to White City. However, the two schools fall under different jurisitictions. St. Marys is a member of the Kansas Christian Athletic Association, and is not subject to Kansas State High School Activities Association rules allowing for mixed-gender teams. I’m not sure that the KSHSAA would be able to declare this contest a forefit.

As a side note, I made mention of this during open phones on the local sports-talk show, AND somehow got subject to the J-W “On the Street” just as I was finishing up my hamburger and fries at Johnny’s


Begin blogging

This is the obligatory first post in my new blog. I’ll probably post random thoughts, but tonight my mind is drawing blanks….