Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 10

Original Kansas Highway
Length: 36.611 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction US 50N at Hrrington (1927-1956)
Junction US 40, 6th and Iowa Street, Lawrence (1956-1996)
I-70/Kansas Turnpike Exit 197 northwest of Lawrence (1996-)

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line, Kansas City (1926-1984)
I-435 exit 1B (de facto)/I-35 exit 222 (de jure) in Lenexa (1984-)

Counties Passed through: Dickinson, Morris, Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Jefferson, Douglas, Johnson, Wyandotte
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Here's a shot of the location on K-10 where the accident occurred that took the life of my friend's son.... and also got her to lobby for the cable barriers. 6 November 2012

Here's a shot of the Cable Median Barriers on K-10 at the break for the bridge over County Road 442. 6 November 2012

The first section of cable median barriers on K-10 ends just west of the Douglas/Johnson county line. 6 November 2012

The second cable median barrier section on K-10 begins just west of the interchange with K-7. 6 November 2012

Going under the K-7 bridge on K-10, the cable barrier from the west passes on the south side of the bridge pier, then ends just east of the bridge, while another set of cables begins just west of the bridge, protects the north side of the bridge pier, then continues east. 6 November 2012

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