Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 11

Original Kansas Highway
Re-designated K-99 in 1938
South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line in Elgin (1927-1936)
Oklahoma State Line South of Chautauqua (1936-1938)

North Endpoint:
Nebraska State Line (Junction N-65) North of Summerfield

Counties Passed through: Chautauqua, Elk, Greenwood, Lyon, Wabaunsee, Pottawatomie, Marshall


K-11 initially turned west at Chautauqua to end at Elgin. By 1932, K-11 was hard-surfaced from Moline to Howard, and from south of Emporia to US 50N at Admire. K-11 was also gravel from Howard to Sevry, from Madison to Emporia, from Admire to Eskridge, and from Frankfort to Beattie. The following year, K-11 was paved from Howard to Madison, and graveled in the remainder of Marshall County, leaving the segment south of Moline and from Eskridge to the Pottawatomie/Marshall County line dirt.

By 1936, K-11 was graveled from Chautauqua to Moline, and re-aligned to meet Oklahoma Highway 48 at the state line. K-11 was also graveled north from Alma to just North of Wamego, as well as north out of Westmoreland, leaving two stretches (Eskridge to Alma and Wamego to Westmoreland) dirt. The gravel segment between Madison and Emporia was also paved. By 1938, the remaining dirt segments had been graveled.

On May 17, 1938, Oklahoma re-designated their highway 48 as highway 99, K-11 was also re-designated K-99 to match the new Oklahoma number. The Oklahoma records which show the re-designation indicate that Nebraska was also slated to follow suit; however, Nebraska apparently designated their NE 99 on a new alignment close by. The NE 99 and NE 65 designations were not switched until 1962.