Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 129

Established August 12, 1980
Re-designated US 400 December 5, 1994
Length: 0.446 miles
South Endpoint:
Junction K-154 in Dodge City

North Endpoint:
Junction US 56-283 in Dodge City

Counties Passed through: Ford


In August of 1980, the US 154 Spur was re-designated as K-129. The stated reason was that AASHTO regulations "do not recognized the definition 'spur'" The change was part of several changes to Kansas's US numbered network to bring the designations into AASHTO compliance.

In 1991, a new bypass around the southeastern part of Dodge City was authorized, connecting K-129 on the northeast end to US 56-283. The new bypass was given the US 56-283 designation, with US 56-283 also supplanting K-129 once the bypass was complete.

In December of 1994, a new US highway, US 400, was established and added to what was still signed as K-129, as the bypass had not yet been completed. The new resolution re-designated K-129 as US 56-283-400, but I will presume that it carried only the US 400 designation until the bypass was completed in February of 1997.