Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 135

Established September 13, 1976
Length: 95.738 miles
South Endpoint:
I-35 exit 42 in Wichita

North Endpoint:
I-70 exit 250 in Salina

Counties Passed through: Sedgwick, Harvey, McPherson, Saline
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A bit of "sine salad" reflecting all three of Wichita's interstates, plus the Turnpike. This is on 47th Street approaching I-135. I-235 begins just north of this interchange, and the South Wichita exit on the Kansas Turnpike is south of this interchange. 20 July 2013

Looking north from ground level at the I-135 Canal Route. 20 July 2013

Looking south from ground level at the I-135 Canal Route. 20 July 2013

The South end of I-235 at I-135 in Wichita. Note that the US 81 markers are posted at ground level on the gantry posts. 20 July 2012

At tollbooth at the end of I-135 in South Wichita, the reference markers guiding traffic onto the Turnpike are of the large, overhead type, as opposed to the smaller, ground-mounted type at most Turnpike interchanges. 20 July 2013

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