Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 14

Length: 203.3 miles
South Endpoint:
Junction US 160 West of Harper

North Endpoint:
Nebraska State Line southwest of Superior, NE

Counties Passed through: Harper, Kingman, Reno, Rice, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Mitchell, Jewell

K-14 begins at US 160 just west of Harper. From 160, 14 runs due north, intersecting US 54-400 at Kingman, follows 54 west 4 miles, then jogs back north, following K-61 briefly at Arlington and meeting K-96 in northern Reno county. 14 and 96 travel north 10 miles to US 56 at Lyons. K-14 continues north through Reno and Ellsworth Counties until meeting I-70/US 40, where it jogs east about a mile before continuing north. 14 intersects US 24 at Beloit and intersects US 36 near Mankato, following it east 3 miles before continuing north to Nebraska Highway 14.