Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 16

Established 1935
Length: 114.46 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction US 77 near Randolph

East Endpoint:
Junction US 24-40 in Tonganoxie

Counties Passed through: Riley, Pottawatomie, Jackson, Jefferson, Leavenworth
K-16 begins at US 77 near the small town of Randolph and crossing tuttle Creek Lake and journing east across the rolling hillls of northeast Kansas, meeting US 75 at Holton and going 4 more miles before turning south, then southeast, before pulling east across northern Jeffersonc County to US 59.� 16 coincides with 59 to the town of Oskaloosa, then coincides with K-92 to McLouth.� From McLouth, 16 bends southeast before ending at US 24-40 at Tonganoxie. History