Kansas Highways Routelog

Alternate US 169 (1936-1981)

Buisness US 169

Established June 6, 1936
Length: 2.811 miles
South Endpoint:
Junction US 169 eouth of Garnett, concurrent with US 59 and K-31

Northeast Endpoint:
Junction US 169 east of Garnett, on 6th Avenue.

Counties Passed through:


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The new roundabout at the north junction of US 59 and US 169 south of Garnett. 28 May 2006
Highway Tags: K-31, US 169B

Each of the legs on the roundabout south of Garnett have signage indicating the direction of exit. The third sign is for northbound US 59, K-31, and Buisness US 169. 28 May 2006

The north junction of US 59 and K-31 with Business US 169 in Garnett looks a bit confusing. The "North" Direction sign and the right-hand arrow should be taken down. This mis-match of signage is probably left over from construction that temporarily closed a portion of US 59/K-31 south of the junction. Compare the sign assembly to this Photo taken in 2012 28 May 2006

The south end of US 169B at the junction of US 59 with US 169 on the south side of Garnett

First off, US 169B goes straight as well as to the left. Also, there should be a straight-ahead arrow under the US 59/K-31 assembly. This gaff stems from a temporary closure of US 59, which someone forgot to change back. Also, note the sign on the right and compare to This Photo.31 May 2012

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