Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 202

Established July 16, 1958
Withdrawn October 11, 2013
Length: 0.698 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction US 59 west of Savonburg, continues west as Arizona Road/RS 1153

East Endpoint:
West city limits of Savonburg, continues east as Arizona Road/RS 1153

Counties Passed through: Allen


K-202 was designated by resolution dated July 16, 1958, alongside K-201 and K-203, as a result of the realignment of K-6 in Neosho and Allen counties. 202 was created along the existing county road betweem the new highway and the west city limits.

It is uncertain at this point, but it is believed that upon the opening of the new alignment, K-6 was re-designated US 59

K-202 was withdrawn from the state highway system and turned back to Allen County on October 11, 2013.