Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 208

Established July 12, 1961
Withdrawn April 21, 1967
Length: 0.201 miles
South Endpoint:
Junction K-4 southeast of Valley Falls

North Endpoint:
Junction K-16, Valley Falls

Counties Passed through: Jefferson


As part of the relocation of K-4 between Meriden and Valley Falls, the State Highway Commission determined there was a need to provide a connection between K-4 and K-16, as the planned junction between the two roadways was at an acute angle that otherwise proscribed movement from northbound K-4 into Valley Falls and vice versa. By a July 12, 1961 resolution, this connection was added to the system. The construction of Perry Lake necessitated the relocation of K-4 and K-16 east of Valley Falls. As a result, the junction between K-4 and K-16 in Valley Falls was re-aligned so that the roadways intersected at a right angle, and K-208 was deemed no longer necessary. By resolution date April 21, 1967, K-208, along with the bypassed segments of K-4 and K-16 in Valley Falls, was withdrawn from the state highway system.