Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 213

Established January 14, 1957
Re-designated K-177 April 8, 1964
South Endpoint:
Junction K-13 west of Garrison [1957-1959]
Junction K-13 near Tuttle Creek Dam [1959-1964]

North Endpoint:
Junction US 77 South of Randolph

Counties Passed through: Riley


K-213 had two distinct alignments during its short lifespan. The first was along a existing roadway between K-13 southwest of Garrison and US 77 near Randolph, along the west bank of the Big Blue River.

In 1959, construction began on the Tuttle Creek Reservoir, which resulted in the town of Garrison and the relocation of the highways. The new alignment of K-213 began at the west end of the new Tuttle Creek Dam, then looped around the west side of the new reservoir to US 77.

K-213, along with K-13 south of Tuttle Creek Dam, was re-designated K-177 in 1964. In 1965, the route was again re-designated as portions of US 24 and US 77. US 24 and US 77 were relocated as part of an expansion of Fort Riley.