Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 23

Length: 200 miles
South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line (Junction O-23) South of Meade

North Endpoint:
Junction US 83 northeast of Selden

Counties Passed through: Meade, Gray, Finney, Lane, Gove, Sheridan, Decatur
K-23 begins at OK 23 in Meade county, twist north 14 miles, darts east 4 miles, then jets north 8 miles to US 54-160 at Meade, then continues for 24 miles to US 56 in central Gray County, then North to US 50 at Cimarron before joining with K-156 in eastern Finney County, follows it west for 6 miles, then darts north through Lane County to K-4 west of the unincorprated town of Shields. 23 follows 4 west for 2 miles before venturing north 34 miles through rural Gove county to I-70 and US 40. 23 follows I-70 east for 3 miles before turning north, crossing US 24 at Hoxie and ending at US 83 near the Sheridan-Dectur County Line. History