Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 235

Length: 16.516 miles
South Endpoint:
I-135 exit 1C

North Endpoint:
I-135/US 81 exit 11, continues east as K-254

Counties Passed through: Sedgwick
Junction Guide


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The Overhead Gantry on the Kansas Turnpike/I-35 northbound at the exit for I-135, I-235, and US 81 in South Wichita. The overhead advisory speed plate is an unapproved use of the Clearview typeface. Clearview is approved only on light-on-dark colored signs. 4 June 2012

Ahead of the junction of I-135 and I-235, there is a standard size junction assembly for K-96. 20 July 2013

Here is the last overhead gantry before the exit from southbound I-135 to southbound I-235. The marker for K-96 is tucked off to the side. 20 July 2013

The exit from southbound I-235 to Central Avenue consists of a "scissor ramp" to parallel Gilda Street. A sign at the end of the ramp directs traffic to turn left, along with a rather faded sign pointing out that drivers are entering a two-way street. 20 July 2012

A under-construction pier that will connect eastbound 13th Street to southbound I-235 in Wichita. 20 July 2012

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