Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 265

Proposed March 17, 1965
Never Built, Cancelled March 14, 1988
South Endpoint:
North City Limits of Leonardville

North Endpoint:
Junction proposed US 24 north of Leondardville.

Counties Passed through:


In 1965, Fort Riley was being expanded, necessitating realignment of US 77. Riley county presented a plan that relocated US 77 and US 24 away from the post, which was adopted by the state highway commission in March of 1965. Under the proposed relocation, US 24 would proceed due east from the existing alignment northwest of Leonardville to K-177, bypassing Leonardville to the north. K-265 was to be a spur connection US 24 to Leonardville.

While the US 77 relocation was built, the new US 24 was not. Opposition to the relocation was raised almost immediately, according to the Topeka State Journal. I do not have any details as to when exactly US 24 was cancelled, but the US 24 relocation, along with K-265, were offically withdrawn by KDOT in March of 1988.