Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 272

Established January 22, 1969
Withdrawn January 1, 1973
Length: 1.000 miles
West Endpoint:
City limits of Salina on Magnolia Road near KSU-Salina Campus

East Endpoint:
Junction US 81 at 9th Street, Salina.

Counties Passed through:


K-272 was designated to connect US 81 with a "State Institution" (presumably, the Kansas State University Salina Campus). As such, it was exempted from the statutory mileage cap.

It was withdrawn when US 81 was shifted from its route through Salina and onto I-35W. It was originally intended to make this change in November of 1971. However, local concerns apparently caused the State Highway Commission to delay the turnback until January 1, 1973.