Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 28

Length: 28.9 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction K-148 east of Jewell

East Endpoint:
Junction K-9 west of Concordia

Counties Passed through: Jewell, Cloud


K-28 originally continued north along K-14 from Jewell to Mankato, then west along US 36, then north to the Nebraska border. By 1932, the segment between Concordia and Mankato was gravel, and the segment north of US 36 was dirt. The dirt segment was gravelled, and the Concordia-Mankato segment was hard-surfaced, by 1936. The segment between US 36 was hard-surfaced by 1945, and the remainder was hard-surfaced by 1953.

Sometime in 1995, K-28 was trunkated to the junction with K-148 east of Jewell, and the section north of US 36 was redesignated as an extension of K-128