Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 285

Designated June 15, 1972, Established November 8, 1976
South Endpoint:
Junction K-10 south of Desoto. Continued west as 103rd Street

North Endpoint:
South City Limits of DeSoto. Contiues north as Lexington Avenue

Counties Passed through: Johnson


K-285 was designated in 1972 from part of the former alignment of K-10 as a spur from the new freeway alignment into DeSoto. The number was assigned in sequence, the last K- numbered highway to be established in this manner.

The K-10 freeway east of DeSoto was opened on November 8, 1976, establishing the spur. Withing a couple of months, the City of DeSoto had annexed land along the spur. KDOT subsequently issued a resolution, dated January 26, withdrawing the annexed part of K-285 and turned it back to DeSoto. The resolution also contained a provision stating that any future segments of the spur that are annexed would automatically be withdrawn and turned back.

DeSoto finally annexed out past K-10 in the late 1990s. KDOT sent notice to the city of DeSoto that K-285 would be turned back effective November 21, 1997.