Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 292

Established December 12, 1945
Withdrawn June 22, 1960
West Endpoint:
Junction K-92 east of Springdale

East Endpoint:
Junction K-92 east of Springdale

Counties Passed through: Leavenworth


In 1945, the State Highway Commission had started a project to restore and preserve a covered bridge over Stranger Creek near Springdale, the last of it's kind in Kansas. The bridge, and the road approaching it, was established as a state highway. The bridge had been part of K-92 briefly before being bypassed by a new bridge nearby. Thus, the highway number was derived from K-92.

On September 23, 1958, lightning struck the bridge, burning it. The bridge was declared to be a total loss, and the Highway Commission withdrew K-292 from the system in 1960. The bridge approaches were subsequently abandoned.