Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 335

Length: 50.18 miles
Southwest Endpoint:
I-35/Kansas Turnpike exit 127, Empoira

Northeast Endpoint:
I-470/Kansas Turnpike exit 177, Topeka

Counties Passed through: Lyon, Wabaunsee, Osage, Shawnee


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Here's a view of the Kansas Turnpike southwest of the Admire interchange in Lyon County. 20 October 2007

The majority of the service plaza ramps on the Kansas Turnpike utilize a blue version of the standard exit gore. 20 October 2007

These water towers were mentioned by Kansas Turnpike designers to be a landmark of the Turnpike service areas. All of them still exist, including the one at the former Topeka Service area. 20 October 2007

This Historical marker about William Allen White stands at the Emporia Service Area on the Kansas Turnpike. Bonus points for whomever can figure out what piece of information on this sign is out of date 20 October 2007

The southwest end of I-335 is on the Turnpike. The oversized "end" sign is bolted to the pillar of the I-35 ramp onto the Turnpike at Emporia. 20 October 2007

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