Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 35

Length: 235.403 miles
South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line South of South Haven

North Endpoint:
Missouri State Line in Kansas City

Counties Passed through: Sumner, Sedgwick, Butler, Chase, Lyon, Coffey, Osage, Franklin, Miami, Johnson, Wyandotte
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The girders for the new Homestead Lane bridges over I-35 have been set. In the foreground is the old overpass, still extant for now, but closed to traffic. 20 April 2013

Detour signage on I-35 for the US 56 closure west of Baldwin appears to have been hastily put together. 20 April 2013

A group of "Illiterate" deer make their way across I-35 without getting smashed. 20 April 2013

Here's another detour sign on I-35, advising westbound traffic for Council Grove on US 56 to exit onto US 59 north at exit 188. 20 April 2013

Third in a sequence of detour signs for US 56 on I-35. 20 April 2013

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