Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 38

Length: 12.8 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction K-15 north of Dexter

East Endpoint:
County road 12.8 miles east of K-15 Junction

Counties Passed through: Cowley, Chautauqua


Originally, K-38 was part of a proposed shortcut from Winfield to Independance which was apparantly killed off. The segment that was built was completed by 1945 and paved by 1950. No additional extension of K-38 was completed. Cowley County agreed to take over maintanace of K-38 in the 1990s if KDOT would include a US 77 bypass at Arkansas City in the Comprehensive Transportation Program. K-38 was removed from the state system in November of 1997, when the Arkansas City bypass was completed.