Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 4

Original Kansas Highway
Length: 370.10 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction US 83 North of Scott City

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line, Atchison (1927-1994; concurrent with US 59 after 1934)
Junction US 59 Southeast of Nortonville (1995-present)

Counties Passed through: Scott, Lane, Ness, Rush, Barton, Rice, Ellsworth, McPherson, Saline, Dickinson, Morris, Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Jefferson, Atchison

K-4 starts east from US 83 8 miles north of Scott City in the high plains of western Kansas. It heads east to US 283 at Ransom and US 183 at LaCrosse before meeting US 281 near Hoisington. K-4 follows 281 briefly before continuing east through the Smoky Hills and the towns of Claflin, Fredreick, and Geneseoo. Near Lindsborg in Saline County, K-4 encounters I-135/US 81 and folows the interstate for 4 miles before turning east into the Flint Hills. K-4 meets US 77 near Herrington in Dickinson County and heads through the towns of Latimer, White City, and Dwight before meeting K-99 and joining the highway for 10 miles into Eskridge. K-4 proceeds northeast to I-70 west of Topeka. K-4 rides on I-70 through Topeka before turning north on the Oakland Expressway toward US 24. K-4 crosses US 24 via a pair of offset interchanges, then turns northeast through Meriden and Valley Falls before meeting US 59 southeast of Nortonville.

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