Kansas Highways Routelog

US Highway 40S (1926-1935)

West Endpoint:
Colorado state line west of Weskan

East Endpoint:
Junction US 40/US 40N, Manhattan

Counties Passed through: Wallace, Logan, Gove, Trego, Ellis, Russell, Ellsworth, Saline, Dickinson, Geary, Riley


From the border, 40S travelled along the Victory Highway through Oakley, WaKeeny, Hays, Elssworth, Salina, and Abiline before hooking with US 40N at Manhattan. The original planed called for the Victory Highway to be US 340 and the Midland Trail to be US 40. The towns along the Victory Highway protested, claiming that the Midland Trail got the US 40 designation because it passed through the hometown of the Highway Commissioner. A meeting was held with the Victory Highway cities on December 18, 1925, leading to a compromise where the Midland Trail became US 40N, while the Victory became US 40S

US 40S was re-designated as US 40 in 1936 when US 40N was re-designated as an extension of US 24.