Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 48 (1939-1984)

Length: 0.775 miles
South Endpoint:
North City Limits of Atchison

North Endpoint:
Kansas State Orphans Home

Counties Passed through: Atchison


This roadway was designated by a state resolution in 1939, from what was then the intersection of North 3rd and "P" Street, then north along Third, cutting diagonally to Second, then turning east on what is today designated 298th Street in Atchison County, then east 876 feet, then north 455 feet, to the main Administration building of the Kansas Orphans Home.

This highway was never shown on state-level maps, but was shown on the Atchison County maps through 1978. The next published county map was in 1984, which is where I'm currently establishing as the date this road was removed from the State Highway System

Incidentally, since this highway never connected to any other state highway, the second K-48 was an orphan in and of itself.