Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 5

Original Kansas Highway
Length: 23.3 miles
Northwest Endpoint:
Junction US 73/K-7 In Lansing

Southeast Endpoint:
Junction US 69 in Kansas City

Counties Passed through: Leavenworth, Wyandotte
Full Description


K-5 was paved in Wyandotte County by 1932. The Leavenworth County segment was graveled by 1933 and paved by 1941.

The construction of Wyandotte County Lake caused a gap in the original K-5 route. A new alignment around the west side of the lake was posted as "Detour K-5," with the unaffected part of the old alignment maintained by the state. The detour lasted until I-435 was completed in the area by 1987, and K-5 was re-routed on 435 between Wolcott Drive and Leavenworth Road.

I-635 was originally planned to turn east just north of K-5, meet US 69, then turn north and cross into Missouri on the Fairfax. By 1969, the plans were changed so that 635 crossed the Missouri River on a new bridge. To compensate for the relocation of I-635, a spur to the Fairfax District was constructed. The new freeway was completed around 1976, and was subsequently designated as K-5.

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