Kansas Highways Routelog

Business US Highway 50 (Ford County, 1981-2009)

Length: 7.89 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction US 50 west of Dodge City

East Endpoint:
Junction US 50/56/283 northeast of Dodge City

Counties Passed through: Ford


In November, 1980, AASHTO passed a resolution redesignating what was US 50A as mainline US 50, with the existing US 50 designated as a US 50B. A resolution confirming the re-designation was issued by KDOT in April, 1981.

As part of getting a new US 400 bypass built on the southwest side of Dodge City, the city agreed to take full maintenance of Wyatt Earp Boulevard. This was approved via a highway resoulution in April, 2008, effective upon the completion of the new US 400. The new bypass was completed in October of 2009.