Kansas Highways Routelog

Alternate US Highway 50 (1955-1981)

West Endpoint:
Junction US 50 west of Dodge City

East Endpoint:
Junction US 50/56/283 northeast of Dodge City

Counties Passed through: Ford


In late 1948, A new eastern bypass for US 50S and US 283 was laid out, cutting diagonally to the southwest from the existing alignment 4 miles east of Dodge City, then turning west to what was then known as Chestnut Street. By 1952, this new corridor was completed, but a new northern bypass, continuing the old US 50S west from where it originally turned south north of Dodge, then proceeding southwest to meet US 50 west of town, was designated. By 1955, the northern bypass was completed, and was assigned the designation US 50 Alternate

In November 1980, AASHTO passed a resolution redesignating the northern bypass as US 50, and the eastern bypass and city street alignment as US 50B. A resolution confirming the redesignation was issued in April of 1981.