Kansas Highways Routelog

Spur US Highway 50 (Finney County, 1953-1971)

West Endpoint:
Junction US 50S/US 50, present-day Campus Drive and Fulton Street, Garden City

East Endpoint:
Junction US 50N/US 156, Present-day Campus Drive and Kansas Avenue, Garden City

Counties Passed through: Finney


In a resolution passed in December of 1952, the State Highway Commision established a new spur route of US 50S to connect with US 50N east of Garden City.

By 1970, the Garden City city limits had extended out to the US 50 spur, and plans were underway for a new bypass around Garden City to the east and north. A May, 1970 resolution designated this new bypass as a spur of US 83. The new route intersected US 50 and US 156 1/2 mile east of the existing spur route. While the resolution did not specifically remove the US 50 spur, it is probably safe to say that it was withdrawn as a state highway when the parallel segment of the Garden City bypass was opened to traffic.