Kansas Highways Routelog

US Highway 59

Length: 208.39 miles
South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line South of Chatopa

North Endpoint:
Missouri State Line at Atchison

Counties Passed through: Labette, Neosho, Allen, Anderson, Franklin, Douglas, Jefferson, Atchison
Average Annual Daily Traffic
Junction Guide


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Here's the current state of construction of the new Amelia Earhart bridge. The new bridge will be a steel arch structure, similar to the bridge downstream at Leavenworth. The current Amelia Earhart bridge is still in use carrying US 59 traffic until the new bridge is complete. The third bridge in the picture is the railroad bridge - which connects with the BNSF St. Joseph Sub. The railroad in the foreground is the Union Pacific Falls City Sub.

The West Junction of US 59 with US 73 also includes a suggested connection with Northbound K-7 via city streets.

At the junction of K-4 with US 59, the through route is eastbound K-4 to northbound US 59 and southbound US 59 to westbound K-4. Traffic wishing to continue on US 59 has to make a turn and stop for traffic on the through route. Fortunately, the roadway is divided, so drivers only have to face one direction at a time. 25 March 2012

The east end of K-116 at US 59 near the community of Cummings in southern Atchison County.

Paving work has progressed on the Douglas County section of US 59.

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