Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 6

Original Kansas Highway
re-designated US 59 by 1962
South Endpoint:
Junction US 73W at Erie

North Endpoint:
Junction K-7 at Osowatomie

Counties Passed through: Labette, Neosho, Allen, Anderson, Franklin, Miami


K-6 ran from K-57 east of Erie, heading north to Kincaid, then turned west to Lone Elm, then north to US 73W, followed 73W to Garnett before turning northeast through Greeley before ending at K-7 near Osawatomie. K-6 was a dirt road from Greeley to Osawatomie, hard surfaced from Elsmore to Mildred, and gravel along the rest of the route. Hard-surfacing had extended from Mildred to Kincaid by 1933. The Osawatomie-Garnett segment was re-designated US 169 in 1934.

By 1940, K-6 had been aligned on a new route, with the new K-6 running north from US 59 at Erie to K-39, then east on K-39 to Stark. The segment between K-39 and Stark was paved by 1940, and from Stark to Elsmore by 1945.

By 1950, US 59 had been moved to the north. The segment between Erie and K-39 was re-designed as US 59/K-6 and had been hard-surfaced. By 1953, the remaining gravel segment between Kincaid and Garnett had been hard-surfaced.

K-6 had been re-designated as US 59 in its entirety by 1962