Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 635

Length: 8.906 miles
South Endpoint:
I-35 exit 231, Overland Park

North Endpoint:
Missouri State Line on the Missouri River in Kansas City

Counties Passed through: Johnson, Wyandotte
Junction Guide


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Here's an example of an optional lane. The far right hand lane has an "EXIT ONLY" panel, with a vertical line separating it from the "optional lane" that can either exit or continue on 635. This sign was replaced with a new one that removes the US 24 designation. The new State Ave. sign was photographed in Late May, 2009. 10 March 2009

On I-635, this sign features two different state markers, K-5 and MO 9 10 March 2009

Just before crossing the Missouri River and the State Line on I-635, the next three exits, including Missouri Hwy 9/US 69 and I-29/US 71, are on this sign.10 March 2009

This guide sign just north of the Missouri River on southbound I-635 features exits for K-5 and Parallel Parkway in KCK. The detour sign for US 69 is posted because the Fairfax Bridge was closed at the time. 10 March 2009

The marker for the south end sign for I-635 in Mission is rather unremarkable. 28 April 2009

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