Kansas Highways Routelog

Alternate US Highway 69

Length: 15 miles
South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line, of Baxter Springs

North Endpoint:
Junction US 69-160-400 north of Crestline

Counties Passed through: Cherokee


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The state of Oklahoma is recommending that most trucks utilize US 69A, rather then US 69, into Kansas. On the other hand, there is a 13 foot, 8 inch "Truck Guillotine," that might make most trucks want to avoid both highways and take US 59 or I-44 instead. 13 December 2012

Here's the warning of the 13-8 Low Clearance underpass on US 69A. 13 December 2012

The south end of US 69A at US 69. 13 December 2012

This railroad bridge over US 69A south of Quapaw is the major "Truck Guillotine" that restricts trucks from using this route. The clearance is listed as 13 feet, 8 inches. 13 December 2012

The first US 69A marker in Kansas at Baxter Springs. 13 December 2012

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