Kansas Highways Routelog

Alternate US Highway 69 (1961-1981)

Business US Highway 69 (Arma)

Established September 13, 1961
Length: 2.743 miles
South Endpoint:
Junction US 69/K-47 south of Arma.

North Endpoint:
Junction US 69 north of Arma.

Counties Passed through: Crawford


When the US 69 bypass around Arma was established in 1960, the original plan was to withdraw the old alignment through Arma. In late 1961, the State Highway Commission reversed course and chose to retain the old alignment as a alternate route.

The State Highway Commission did not submit the new bannered route to AASHTO. The Commission's responsibilies were eventually transferred to KDOT, which submitted all of its bannered routes for approval. At AASHTO's October 13, 1979 meeting, they approved the designation, but requested that the designation be changed from an Alternate rout to a buisness route. KDOT officially re-designated the route on April 1, 1981.