Kansas Highways Routelog

US Highway 73

Length: 92.5 miles
South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line South of Chetopa (1927-1935)
Unknown (presumbably US 69) in Downtown Kansas City (1935-1982)
Junction US 24-40, Bonner Springs (1982-1988)
I-435 exit 13, Kansas City (1988-2009)
I-70 exit 224 in Bonner Springs (2009-)

North Endpoint:
Nebraska State Line (CG/JJW) south of Falls City, Neb.

Counties Passed through: Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Atchison, Brown


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The former Santa Fe depot in Atchison is the location of the east junction of US 73 with US 59. Note that there is no reference to K-7 at the intersection... the K-7 marker was posted ahead of the intersection, and there is a reassurance marker just past the intersection

Here's an updated shot of the "wrong-way" multiplex of US 59 and US 73 in Atchison. Note that on this segment, US 73 is posted on top. Traffic viewing this reassurance marker is moving west-southwest.

Heading south (or, more accurately, west) on US 59 at the K-7/US 73 junction, the guide markers at this intersection infer that K-7 traffic should turn onto southbound US 59. The official route for K-7, however, is for K-7 to continue north, then turn left at Main Street. 27 June 2012

Here's the west approach to the intersection of US 59 and 10th Street in Atchison. Technically, K-7 continues north on 10th, and should carry a double arrow, not a right arrow. 2 July 2012

One of the approach signs for the I-70/Kansas Turnpike Bonner Springs exit got damaged and had to be replaced. The replacement sign uses the Clearview typeface, and the K-7 shield is the 20-petal variant generally used only by the KTA. 22 December 2012

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