Kansas Highways Routelog

Business US Highway 83

Length: 5.717 miles
South Endpoint:
Junction US 83 south of Garden City

North Endpoint:
Junction US 50/83/400 northwest of Garden City, continues north as US 83

Counties Passed through: Finney

Average Annual Daily Traffic (2009)

  • 2,510 at the south junction with US 83
  • 3,880 at the Arkansas River bridge south of Garden City
  • 4,990 on Main Street south of Maple Street
  • 4,690 on Main Street south of Fulton Street/US 50B
  • 2,870 on Main Street north of Fulton Street
  • 4,750 on Main Street south of K-156/Kansas Avenue
  • 12,200 on Kansas Avenue west K-156/Main Street
  • 7,820 on Kansas Avenue east of Taylor Avenue
  • 5,220 on Taylor Avenue north of Kansas Avenue in Garden City
  • 4,550 at the north junction with US 83

* AADT data taken from a KDOT traffic count map of Garden City dated November 2009

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