Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 9

Length: 317.94 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction K-123 South of Dresdem

East Endpoint:
Junction US 73 near Lancaster

Counties Passed through: Sheridan, Decatur, Norton, Phillips, Smith, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud, Washington, Marshall, Nemaha, Jackson, Atchison

K-9 begins at K-123 along the Decatur-Sheridan county line before turning east, staying along the north bank of the North fork of the Solomon River, meeting and joining US 283 in Norton County. After passing through the communities of Logan and Speed, K-9 crosses US 183 at Glade before passing by Kirwin and Gaylord, then meets US 281 east of Gaylord.

K-9 follows US 281 southeast along the Solomon before meeting US 24 south of Portis. K-9 follows 24 east through Downs, Cawker City, Glen Elder, and Solomon Rapids before departing US 24 north of Beloit. From Beloit, K-9 turns east, then stair steps north to US 81 in Concordia. From Concordia, K-9 heads east through Clyde and Clifton before meeting K-15 along the Washington-Clay county line.

K-9 follows K-15 north, passing Palmer and Linn before turning east along K-148. K-9 and K-148 remained joined for 10 miles passing near the communities of Greenleaf and Barnes before 148 turns north and 9 continues east to US 77 near Waterville. From Waterville, K-9 and US 77 continue east to Blue Rapids and cross the Big Blue River before US 77 continues north and K-99 continues east to K-99 at Frankfort. K-9 follows K-99 north for two miles before heading east near Viets, Vermillion, and Centralia beforre hitting K-63 north of Corning.

K-9 follows K-63 south to Corning before turning east to Goff, then heads southeast through Wetmore, crossing US 75 near Netawaka and passing through Whiting before hitting US 159 north of Muscotah. K-9 follows US 159 as it stair-steps sotheast to Effingham. East of Effingham, K-9 stair-steps northeast, ending at US 73 near Lancaster.

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