Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 92

Original Kansas Highway
Length: 42 miles
West Endpoint:
Junction K-30 in McLouth(1926-1931)
Junction K-4 northeast of Meriden (1932-present)

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line at Leavenworth

Counties Passed through: Jefferson, Leavenworth


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Here's a side shot of the Leavenworth Centennial Bridge carrying K-92 over the Missouri River and connect with Missouri 92.

A "No Trucks" sign is posted on the northbound signal at 4th and Spruce in Leavenworth. This marks the south junction of US 73/K-7 and K-92, along with the south end of the truck route along 3rd Street. 29 August 2013

Aside from being a rather odd looking K-16 shield, 16 does not turn right up ahead. We're on K-92 in McLouth, and this should really be a K-92 shield. K-16 continues east and west at the stop sign, 92 turns south to west. 29 August 2013