Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 98

Established 1936
Length: 9 miles
West Endpoint:
Meade County Lake (1936-1960)
Junction K-23 west of Fowler(1960-present)

East Endpoint:
Junction US 54/US 160/K-23 in Meade(1936-1937)
Junction K-23 south of Meade(1937-1956)
Junction US 54 south of Fowler(1956-present)

Counties Passed through: Meade


K-98 was established in 1936 to connect the town of Meade to the Meade County Lake State Park. The following year, K-23 was extended south from Meade, replacing the northernmost 7.67 miles of K-98.

When the former K-56 needed to be re-designated due to the introduction of US 56, the State Highay Commission electecd to extend K-98

By 1958, a new proposal for the relocation of K-23 was presented to the commission that would extend south from the State Park south into Oklahoma, which Oklahoma would continue on south to US 64 near Forgan. Although construction did not begin on this new route until 1961, state maps show that K-23 had replaced the southern segment of K-98 (truncating 98 back to the former K-56) by 1960.