Makin’ my way to Newton

Makin’ my way to Newton

Following up from my trip to Wedel Acres a couple of weeks ago… after leaving Wedel Acres, I pointed my Subaru west on US 50 and headed toward Newton.

While in Newton, I went browsing through the local antique dealerships (mask on, of course). The first one happened to be trackside, and just as I was entering the first store, I heard the familiar sound of a crossing signal activating. I turned back outside to catch a westbound manifest with a little bit of color within the power.

63673 – BNSF 5053 leads the west man.
63675 – BNSF 5053 crosses Main Street.
63676 – I saw 3925 earlier that morning, now I draw 3929.
63677 – BNSF 1446 – Still in Burlington Northern Green, but the engine has been renumbered twice. Note that with this renumbering, the shop applied black numbers to the side of the engine. Previously, the numbers have been white.

After browsing the Antique shops, I stopped to get a Gatorade and walked back to where I parked my car. However, before I left, I took a few shots around the Newton engine facility.

63685 – I’m honestly surprised that the Newton locomotive facility still has the turntable.

On the south side of the engine facility, there is a “no tresspassing” sign where Poplar Street Dead-ends. This sign is no longer on railroad property, and the general public is welcome onto this piece of ground. The railroad relinquished a sliver on the south side of the engine house to the city, which turned the ground into a linear park. A fence separates the park from the railroad. The park is landscaped in such a way that one can shoot over the fence.

63686 – A pair of GP39-2s sit on the east end of the fuel pad.
63689 – BNSF SD40-2 1648 shows off its ‘Thomas Brow’ modifications.
63691 – BNSF 2760 and 3122
63695 – BNSF GP50 3122, derated to 2500 HP and fitted with a “Thomas Brow” and a fresh coat of orange paint.

As I was making way back to my car, I heard another eastbound entering the scene.

63697 – BNSF ES44C4 8137 leads a pack of engines on an eastbound autorack train.
63703 – In the midst of all of the GE-built locomotives is this EMD-built product – BNSF SD40-2 1800. Judging by the exhaust being emitted from the engine, it is either working or is in need of major service.





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