WDAF programming in 1924

This wasn’t a typical day at WDAF in 1924. This short article comes directly from page 4 of the Kansas City Times, the morning version of the Kansas City Star, for July 4, 1924.

Mark had found a laminated copy of this page of the Times, as page 3 (the other side of this sheet) had a reproduction of the Declration of Independence. Mark’s original had a crease down the middle of this article. I have since re-scanned the article from microfilm.

Be sure to note the “temporary wave length” of 440.9 meters, or 680 kHz. At the time, it was licensed for 411 meters (730 kHz), which was shared with WHB. WDAF would move later in 1924 to 820 kHz. In 1925, KMBZ was moved to 680 kHz.

The Democratic National Convention was going on that week (with results of the 53rd through 57th nominating ballots also appearing on page 4 of the Times). WDAF was the westernmost of 13 stations in 10 cities providing coverage of the convention, and appears to have been broadcasting on 680 to provide full coverage without having to yield to WHB. The special coverage of the convention is also reflected in the programming schedule:

8:15 o’Clock — Broadcasting of the tenth day of the Democratic National convention from Madison Square Garden, New York.

Baseball and race results broadcast every half hour from 3 to 8 o’clock if convention is not in session.

All regular programs have been postponed for the duration of the convention.

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