Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 2

Established 1937
Length: 61.52 miles
Southwest Endpoint:
Junction US 160 in Harper (1937-1962)
Junction US 281 west of Kiowa (1962-present)

Northeast Endpoint:
Junction K-42 in Norwich (1937-1950)
Junction US 54 in Wichita, concurrent with K-42 (1963-1994)
Junction K-42 east of Norwich (1950-1963; 1994-present)

Counties Passed through: Barber, Harper, Kingman, Sumner, Sedgwick
K-2 is a diagonal route in the southern part of Kansas.  It starts at US 281 4 miles west of Kiowa, close to the Border, run east to Anthony, then jogs north 6 miles to US 160. K-2 follows 160 to Just east of Harper, where it runs northeast to K-42 near Norwich. History
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