Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 2

Established 1937
Length: 61.52 miles
Southwest Endpoint:
Junction US 160 in Harper (1937-1962)
Junction US 281 west of Kiowa (1962-present)

Northeast Endpoint:
Junction K-42 in Norwich (1937-1950)
Junction US 54 in Wichita, concurrent with K-42 (1963-1994)
Junction K-42 east of Norwich (1950-1963; 1994-present)

Counties Passed through: Barber, Harper, Kingman, Sumner, Sedgwick
Full Description


The second K-2 was designated in 1937, starting at US 160 near Harper, heading on a northeastward path an new gravel alignment along the south side of the Kansas City, Mexico, and Orient Railroad, then curving north along an existing section-line road to meet K-42 in Norwich on . Apparently, the project was not fully completed before World War II broke out, as K-2 was routed east along an existing road on the Kingman/Harper county line before turning north into Norwich, which had degraded into dirt by 1945. In 1950, the uncompleted curve south of Norwich was replaced by an extension of the diagonal route to meet K-42 3 miles east of Norwich, and one mile east of Sumner/Kingman County. The Harper County segment was paved at the same time the new diagonal was completed.

By 1963, K-2 was extended west in an concurrency with K-14 from Harper to US 281 west of Kiowa. By 1963 K-2 had been extended east, concurrent with K-42, all the way to US 54 in Wichita.

In late 1994, the K-2/K-14 and K-2/K-42 dual designations were deemed to serve no purpose, confusing to travelers, and costly in terms of sign maintenance. KDOT elected to remove K-2 from K-42, truncating K-2's east end back to Norwich; and removed K-14 south of Harper, leaving K-2's west end at US 281.

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