Kansas Highways Routelog

US Highway 24

Length: 433.7 miles
West Endpoint:
Colorado State Line at Kanorado

East Endpoint:
Missouri State Line in Kansas City

Counties Passed through: Sherman, Thomas, Sheridan, Graham, Rooks, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud, Clay, Riley, Pottawatomie, Shawnee, Jefferson, Douglas, Levenworth, Wyandotte


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At the east interchange between K-4 and US 24, this green sign for westbound US 24 is of a 'retro' style. 18 March 2009

Here is the final exit gantry for the East Lawrence exit on the on the Kansas Turnpike for US 24 US 40 and US 59. Note the ground mounted supplemental guide sign posted right behind the gantry. 17 August 2011

The first gantry advising the East Lawrence Exit on the Kansas Turnpike is posted in front of the Michigan Street overpass, just after the West Lawrence exit. A I-70 was subsequently posted on the right-hand gantry post. The east Lawrence exit is signed as US 40, US 59, and US 24. 17 August 2011

One of the approach signs for the I-70/Kansas Turnpike Bonner Springs exit got damaged and had to be replaced. The replacement sign uses the Clearview typeface, and the K-7 shield is the 20-petal variant generally used only by the KTA. 22 December 2012

Here we have *five* markers on this junction assembly. In close order, Central Avenue intersects with both I-70 and I-670. In addition, I-70 carries US 24, US 40, and US 169 along this stretch. 26 May 2013

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