Kansas Highways Routelog

Kansas Highway 31

West Endpoint:
Junction K-99 south of Eskridge

East Endpoint:
Junction US 69 east of Fulton

Counties Passed through: Wabaunsee, Osage, Coffey, Anderson, Linn, Bourbon


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Old BETO Junction the original. The original junction between US 50, US-75; and K-31 in Coffey County between Waverly and Lebo. 18 August 2000

The West end of K-268 at US 75 and K-31 north of Lyndon 11 August 2001

The West end of K-68 at US 75 and K-31 south of Lyndon. 11 August 2001

The new roundabout at the north junction of US 59 and US 169 south of Garnett. 28 May 2006
Highway Tags: K-31, US 169B

Each of the legs on the roundabout south of Garnett have signage indicating the direction of exit. The first sign is for Southbound US 59-169 and K-31. 28 May 2006

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