Interstate 35

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Length: 235.371 miles

South Endpoint:
Oklahoma State Line South of South Haven

North Endpoint:
Missouri State Line in Kansas City

Counties Served:
Sumner, Sedgwick, Butler, Chase, Lyon, Coffey, Osage, Franklin, Miami, Johnson, Wyandotte


I-35 was first envisioned to parallel US 50/50S to Newton, then follow US 81 and US 177 south to the Oklahoma border. By the time the interstate highway act was passed in 1956, the Kansas Turnpike had been completed. An agreement between the Highway Commission and the Bureau of Public Roads in December 1956 designated the Turnpike south of Emporia as part of I-35. The segment between Emporia and Newton was removed, but the segment along US 81 north of Wichita was extended north to Salina as I-35W.

Although the Emporia-Kansas City segment was retained, the Bureau of Public Roads left the segment between Emporia and Ottawa as a “provisional” part of the Interstate system that would not be built until traffic studies and analyses were made to determine the impact on the Kansas Turnpike. By the time the Feds were ready to okay the route, opposition surfaced on the state level. In 1963, several state legislators, especially those along the Kansas Turnpike corridor, complained that a free I-35 would divert traffic off of the Turnpike and were demanding further studies. One Wichita senator also proposed legislation to kill the project altogether. The State Highway Commission agreed to wait until 1974 before building I-35 between Emporia and Ottawa.

The plans for the section between the Lyon/Coffey county line and Ottawa also incorporated the relocation of US 75 to serve Melvern Lake, which was then also under construction. Construction on this segment of I-35 was moved up from a 1974 starting date to a November 1973 completion. The last section of I-35, between Emporia and the Lyon/Coffey county line, was completed in 1977.


  • October 25, 1956: Kansas Turnpike opened to traffic
  • December 18, 1958: Opened to traffic between Ottawa and Wellsville
  • 1960: Completed from Wellsville to the 18th Street Expressway in Kansas City.
  • October 7, 1961: AASHTO approves the addition of US 50 designation to I-35 between Ottawa and Olathe.
  • 1962: Completed from the 18th Street Expressway to Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City
  • 1967: Emporia Bypass completed
  • 1969: Completed from Southwest Boulevard to the 7th Street Trafficway in Kansas City
  • 1971: Completed from the 7th Street Trafficway to the Missouri State Line in Kansas City
  • November 20, 1973: Opened to traffic between the Lyon/Coffey county line and Ottawa
  • 1977: completed between Emporia and the Lyon/Coffey county line, completing I-35 in Kansas

Junction Guide

County MilepostState MilepostJunction
35-96/0.0000.000State Line
35-96/4.0334.049Exit 4: US 166/South Haven
35-96/16.65816.658Toll Plaza
35-96/19.16719.167Exit 19: US 160/Wellington
35-96/25.70025.700Belle Plaine Service Area
35-96/33.20733.207Exit 33: K-53/Mulvane
33.364Sumner/Sedgwick County Line
35-87/5.69839.062Exit 39: Haysville/Derby
35-87/8.65242.016Exit 42: I-135
35-87/11.12244.486Exit 44: K-15
35-87/15.94349.307Exit 49: Webb Road
35-87/18.90752.271Exit 52: US 54/US 400/K-96
54.441Sedgwick/Butler County Line
35-8/2.41556.856Exit 57: Andover
35-8/10.60065.041Towanda Service Plaza
35-8/16.24370.684Exit 70: K-254/El Dorado
35-8/21.07875.519Exit 75: US 77/El Dorado North
35-8/38.09592.536Exit 92: K-177/Cassoday
96.330Butler/Chase County Line
35-9/0.75097.080Matfield Green Service Area
35-9/14.510110.840Bazzar Cattle Pens
116.173Chase/Lyon County Line
35-56/10.610126.783Exit 127: I-35/US 50
35-56/10.847127.020Toll Plaza
35-56/11.173127.346Exit 127A: US 50
35-56/14.028130.201Exit 130: K-99
35-56/16.607132.780Exit 133: US 50 West
35-56/21.850138.030Exit 138: County Road U
35-56/24.872141.045Exit 141: K-130
35-56/26.936 35-16/0.000 143.109Lyon/Coffey County Line
35-16/5.177148.286Exit 148: K-131/Lebo
35-16/13.322155.338Exit 155: US 75 (BETO Junction)
156.503Coffey/Osage County Line
35-70/3.984160.487Exit 160: K-31 North/Melvern
35-70/6.011162.514Exit 162: K-31 South/Waverly
167.905Osage/Franklin County Line
35-30/15.084182.989Exit 183: US 59 South/Garnett
35-30/19.407187.312Exit 187: K-68
35-30/20.757188.662Exit 189: US 59 North/Lawrence
35-30/29.949197.854Exit 198: K-33/Wellsville
198.947Franklin/Miami County Line
201.797Miami/Johnson County Line
35-46/8.872210.669Exit 210: US 56 West
35-46/12.110213.907South City Limits Olathe
35-46/13.623215.420Exit 215: US 169 South/K-7/151st Street
35-46/19.041220.838Olathe/Lenexa City limits
(US 50 leaves I-35/US 56/US 169)
35-46/23.825225.622US 69 South
(US 69 joines I-35/US 56/US 169)
35-46/24.566226.363Lenexa/Overland Park City Limits
35-46/25.207227.004Overland Park/Merriam City Limits
75th Street
35-46/26.754228.551Shawnee Mission Parkway
(US 56/US 69/US 169 leaves I-35)
35-46/28.140229.937Merriam/Overland Park City Limits
Exit 230: Antioch Road
35-46/29.030230.827Overland Park/Mission City Limits
Exit 231A: I-635
231.635Mission/Kansas City City Limits; Johnson/Wyandotte County Line
35-105/0.692232.327Exit 232B:
US 69 North/18th Street Expressway
35-105/2.985234.620Exit 234: US 169/7th Street Trafficway
35-105/3.736235.371Exit 235: Cambridge Circle
Kansas/Missouri State Line

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Oklahoma State Line to US 16617,40032.2%
US 166 to US 16017,80028.7%
US 160 to K-5321,80025.0%
K-53 to Haysville26,90020.5%
Haysville to I-13529,00019.2%
I-135 to K-1514,50021.5%
K-15 to Webb16,60019.0%
Webb to US 54/US 400/K-9618,70018.8%
US 54/US 400/K-96 to Andover16,90021.4%
Andover to K-25416,40022.0%
K-254 to US 7716,50024.2%
US 77 to K-17716,10025.0%
K-177 to Turnpike Emporia Exit15,90025.3%
Ramps from Turnpike, Emporia15,87023.2%
Emporia Bypass (peak)24,90019.8%
US 50 to K-13018,40024.7%
K-130 to K-13114,60632.2%
K-131 to US 7514,30033.6%
US 75 to K-3110,40044.8%
K-31 to US 59 South14,00034.6%
US 59 South to K-6822,20021.1%
K-68 to US 59 North23,80019.7%
US 59 North to K-3323,20020.0%
K-33 to Gardner34,60034.0%
Gardner to US 16952,80022.7%
US 169 to Santa Fe, Olathe87,70016.0%
Santa Fe, Olathe to I-435116,00012.1%
I-435 to US 69 South102,00013.0%
US 69 South to
Shawnee Mission Parkway
SMP to I-635135,00010.1%
I-635 to 18th Street Expressway113,00010.2%
18th Street Expressway to US 169111,00010.2%
US 169 to Missouri State Line83,00013.1%