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  • Kansas Supreme Court disbars a KC-area adoption attorney

    You can read the full opinion on the Kansas Supreme Court website. In short, this attorney represented adoptive couples. In two cases, the biological father of the child asserted a desire to take custody. The attorney filed motions to terminate the father’s parental rights, claiming they abandoned the child and/or failed to provide support to…

  • Parental Advisory: Case Law, Part 2

    About a year and a half ago, I posted about a decision of the Kansas Court of Appeals regarding the admission of a defendant’s statements after being pelted with profanities by the arresting officers. It turns out that the State petitioned the Kansas Supreme Court for review, which they accepted. They released their decision today.

  • Forfeiture (presumably) denied

    The Kansas Court of Appeals and Supreme Court typically releases new decisions every Friday morning. This week, we had an asset forfeiture case come before the appeals case.

  • Parental Advisory: Case Law

    This week, the Kansas court of appeals released This opinion in the case of State v. Guein. In the majority opinion, Justice Steve Leben inserted a message of caution before getting into the legal terminology: