Kansas Highways Routelog

Interstate 235

Length: 16.516 miles
South Endpoint:
I-135 exit 1C

North Endpoint:
I-135/US 81 exit 11, continues east as K-254

Counties Passed through: Sedgwick
Junction Guide


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Behind the exit gore for the ramp from I-135 north to I-235 north is a regular directional assembly. 20 July 2012

At the south junction of I-235 with I-135 in Wichita, US 81 is treated as an afterthought, with junction signage for it signed as if it were on a 'regular' road, including this "Junction" assembly. 20 July 2012

The South end of I-235 at I-135 in Wichita. Note that the US 81 markers are posted at ground level on the gantry posts. 20 July 2012

The 25 MPH advisory speed on the loop ramp from I-135 north to I-235 South/K-96 West is *particularly* emphasized.

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