Kansas Highway 25

Length: 238.259 miles

South Endpoint:
OK 136 at the Oklahoma State Line Southwest of Hugoton

North Endpoint:
NE 25 at the Nebraska State Line north of Atwood

Counties Served:
Stevens, Grant, Kearny, Wichita, Logan, Thomas, Rawlins

  1. Intersection Additions
  2. Junction Guide
  3. AADT

Intersection Addition

Two-way: K-25 north to US 160 east in Ulysses (0.136 miles)

Junction Guide

County MPState MPJunction
25-95/0.0000.000Oklahoma/Kansas State Line
(Begin K-25)
25-95/3.1113.111Road D
10.861West junction US 56
(K-25 joins US 56/K-51)
56-95/11.43318.174South city limits Hugoton
56-95/11.75518.49611th/Main, Hugoton
(K-51 leaves US 56/K-25)
56-95/12.75819.499North city limits Hugoton
20.642East Junction US 56
(K-25 leaves US 56)
25-95/28.72528.725Road Y
33.725Stevens/Grant county line
25-34/6.67540.400Road 19
25-34/13.36347.088South city limits Ulysses
25-34/13.67547.400US 160
25-34/14.84148.566North city limits Ulysses
58.420Grant/Kearny County line
25-47/3.00061.420Road 40
25-47/16.14774.567South city limits Lakin
25-47/16.88975.309US 50-400
25-47/16.94775.367North city limits Lakin
25-47/33.02991.449Road 310
97.449Kearny/Wichita County line
25-102/13.700111.149Road V
25-102/18.621116.070South city limits Leoti
25-102/19.874117.323North city limits Leoti
25-102/31.430128.879Road D
131.879Wichita/Logan county line
25-55/3.000134.879Dakota Road
25-55/14.009145.888160 Road
25-55/24.586156.465South city limits Russell Springs
25-55/25.428157.307North city limits Russell Springs
25-55/34.428166.307Zest Road
168.596West junction US 40
175.797East junction US 40
178.057Logan/Thomas county line
25-97/5.004183.061Road F
25-97/10.004188.061Road K
25-97/15.519193.576South city limits Colby
25-97/17.021195.078College Drive
25-97/17.841195.898Cedar Street
25-97/18.218196.275US 24
23-97/18.523196.580North city limits Colby
23-97/29.015207.072Road DD
208.072Thomas/Rawlins County line
23-77/10.000218.072Rawlins CR 417
23-77/16.018224.090South city limits Atwood
23-77/16.992225.064US 36
23-77/17.787225.859North city limits Atwood
23-77/22.020230.092Rawlins CR 316
23-77/26.162234.234Rawlins CR 308
23-77/30.187238.259Nebraska state line
(end K-25)

AADT (2019)

LocationCountTruck %
Oklahoma State line to Road D64520.2%
Road D to west junction US 5660020.0%
US 56 from west junction US 56/K-25 to Hugoton1,83029.5%
US 56 from West city limits Hugoton to 11th/Main4,75012.3%
US 56 from 11th/Main to 4th/Main4,33023.4%
US 56 from 4th/Main to north city limits Hugoton3,14032.0%
US 56 from Hugoton to east junction US 56/K-252,33043.1%
East junction US 56 to Road Y2,08029.6%
Road Y to Stevens/Grant county line1,59037.4%
Stevens/Grant county line to Road 191,63033.4%
Road 19 to Ulysses2,02027.0%
South city limits Ulysses to US 1602,80017.9%
US 160 to north city limits Ulysses4,95010.4%
Ulysses to Road 40, Kearny County 1,78620.2%
Road 40 to Lakin1,95029.7%
South city limits Lakin to US 50-4004,08012.0%
US 50-400 to North city limits Lakin1,13016.4%
Lakin to Road 31070544.6%
Road 310 to Kearny/Wichita county line69556.8%
Kearny/Wichita county line to Road V74538.9%
Road V to Leoti88031.2%
South city limits Leoti to K-962,51011.6%
K-96 to north city limits Leoti2,91011.5%
Leoti to Road D79013.3%
Road D, Wichita County to
Dakota Road, Gove County
Dakota Road to 160 Road38524.7%
160 Road to Russell Springs24031.2%
Russell Springs to Zest Road26526.4%
Zest Road to West Junction US 4032521.5%
US 40/K-25 concurrency1,83018.3%
East Junction US 40 to Road F, Thomas County55525.2%
Road F to Road K47030.9%
Road K to I-701,10213.2%
I-70 to College Drive, Colby5,97010.6%
College Drive to Cedar Street7,3307.5%
Cedar Street to US 246,1808.9%
US 24 to North city limits Colby2,85014.7%
Colby to MP 1991,95024.3%
MP 199 to Road DD1,37024.8%
Road DD, Thomas County to Rawlins CR 4171,20027.1%
Rawlins CR 417 to Atwood1,32025.4%
South city limits Atwood to US 361,80019.7%
US 36 to north city limits Atwood1,78020.2%
Atwood to Rawlins CR 3161,35017.4%
Rawlins CR 316 to Rawlins CR 30880030.0%
Rawlins CR 308 to Nebraska state line52544.8%